What is Better? A Foam Mattress Or A Spring Mattress?

The right answer is memory foam! In my view, memory foam mattress is a clear winner relative to a spring mattress. Because spring mattresses have been around longer, there has been more innovation but the fundamental innovation is the material in memory foam mattresses.

FOam Mattress

First of all for me personally, memory foam makes less noise, it contours to your shape and you can also get it with cool gel. And believe me “less noise” is very important for sleep and for those “other” things you do in bed. For cool night sleep, I would recommend getting the gel memory foam. But this is Quora and I will do the dutiful list the pros of each type of mattress. From personal experience, I would go with memory foam mattresses. You can find my review of various memory foam mattresses here.

Memory Foam Mattress Pros/Cons:

• When I tried out memory foam mattresses relative to spring mattresses, I found that you can get better value for your money with memory foam mattress. You can get a great memory foam mattress for less than $300-$400.

• A memory foam mattress will distribute body weight evenly for a perfect balance in supporting individual pressure points to relieve aches and pains and encourage a great night’s sleep.

• Unlike a spring mattress, the memory foam mattress will hold its shape without any worries about eventual sagging.

• Although many think of foam as being very soft, the memory foam mattress is designed from layers to create a firm mattress that gives with the contours of the body to create the ultimate in support.

• Memory foam mattresses are known to have a longer lifespan than the spring mattresses and a 20-year warranty is proof that companies stand by this type of mattress.

• Shop easily online and get a memory foam mattress delivered to your door in a compact box that you unpack in your bedroom for your mattress to unfold and come to shape in position ready to sleep.

• Memory foam mattress only needs to be rotated every six months for easy maintenance

• The only con I can think of for memory foam mattress is that initially when you get one, it smells. So you need to air it out.

• You can find reviews of the best memory foam mattresses here.

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Spring Mattress Pros:

• In my experience, there are a lot of different suppliers of spring mattress as it has had a longer existence history.

• One can also find a lot of low-cost options for spring mattresses but they are generally not as good as the low-cost option available for a memory foam mattress

• Relative to memory foam mattress without cool gel, Spring mattresses are cooler.

• Spring mattresses can be durable if you pay the right price.

• Your mother in law may prefer spring mattress in the guest bedroom because she is used to it. So maybe you want to get the spring mattress to make your mother in law a little bit “comfortable”. Paradoxically, it may cause her to leave sooner as it’s not that comfortable.

• More people are allergic to memory foam, particularly if you get the cheap man-made material. So I would highly recommend that you do an allergy test for memory foam if you think you may have an allergy to it. Most people are not allergic to spring mattress.

• A quality spring mattress can last up to 20 years.

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