The List Of Best Mattress In 2019: (The Best Mattress Review)

So you’re in the market for a new mattress but have no idea where to start. Trust me, I get it: The seemingly infinite number of options is nothing short of dizzying! Not only are there choices to be found at brick-and-mortar establishments, but there are hundreds more swirling in the world of digital bed-in-a-box startups. But what’s the best mattress for 2019?

I’ve been thinking long and hard about how I can best use my expertise to help you find the mattress of your dreams, and I think I’ve come up with a solution. Below, I’m presenting my top picks in a wide range of categories. Not only that, but I’m going to describe why I selected the mattresses that I did because I believe knowing what criteria I use to make my choices will empower you with the knowledge you need to do even better research on your own!

Best-Mattress-2019-1024x606 Best Mattress 2019

Best Mattress Brands 2019

What is the best mattress of 2019? As always, feel free to navigate to the sections that speak to you most using the table of contents below.

  • Sleepopolis Staff Picks: Casper
  • Pressure Relief: Purple
  • Back Pain: Layla
  • Innerspring: WinkBeds
  • Hybrid: DreamCloud
  • Memory Foam: Nectar
  • Latex: Zenhaven
  • Budget: GhostBed
  • Couples: Helix
  • Side Sleepers: Tomorrow Sleep
  • Cooling: Brooklyn Bedding Aurora
  • + more categories below!

I’ve chosen to break down my selection of best mattresses to buy into these categories for the simple reason that the best mattress type for one kind of sleeper isn’t necessarily going to be the best for another. To learn more about how I made my picks, jump to the Best Mattress Criteria section of this guide.

Best Mattresses Detailed Review

Sleepopolis Staff Picks

These are some of the Sleepopolis team’s personal favorites. Whether they’re beds some of us sleep on or ones we voted on as the very best of the best, these mattresses are true standouts in our book.


Casper-2018-Hand-Press-Layers-400x225 Best Mattress 2019
Pressing into the Casper mattress

With beds to satisfy almost every need (from the budget-friendly Essential to the luxurious Wave), Casper mattresses really are worth all of the hype.

While I think most people could benefit from a night’s rest on a Casper, I’d primarily recommend them for anyone who suffers from chronic back or side pain. This is for a few reasons but mostly has to do with the fact that all of the brand’s mattresses employ hybrid foam construction, which combines different foams together for maximum pressure


DreamCloud-Corner-View-400x225 Best Mattress 2019Time to upgrade your mattress and looking through the bed in a box market for the first time? The DreamCloud is a great option for those that want the luxury feel and support of a traditional innerspring mattress with the ease of setup and value price of a bed in a box.

The DreamCloud has a tall hybrid construction with pressure relieving foam on top and a pocketed coil support layer that provides a firm feel that’s great for back and stomach sleepers. Another piece of the construction that I really like is the high-density polyfoam edge support that allows people to sleep near the side of the bed without collapsing the edges, a great feature for couples that need the whole surface of the bed.

Want to learn more about the DreamCloud? Click here to read the full review!


WinkbedsMattressSideClose-400x300 Best Mattress 2019
Queen size version of the WinkBeds mattress

If you’re looking for an ultra-supportive bed, you might want to consider getting your hands on a WinkBeds mattress. Built with foam and two layers of coils, this bed is great for both combo sleepers and heavier individuals who need a bit of lift to their mattress.

The bed also comes in three different firmness options, so you’ll be able to tailor the mattress to your specific sleep preferences. Another fantastic feature? The coil-on-coil structure creates a ton of airflow throughout the structure, ensuring that things are going to stay nice and cool throughout the night.

Could the WinkBeds be the mattress of your dreams? Check out my full review to find out.

Pressure Relief

If you’re sleeping on a mattress you inherited from your Great Aunt Theresa or one that a former roommate left behind in your apartment, odds are you’ve surrendered yourself to the fact that it probably doesn’t satisfy your specific needs. But so what? It was free, right?

The area in which it probably lets you down the most is pressure relief, or its ability to soothe tension at problem areas such as the shoulders, hips, and lower back. Of all of the changes, you’ll notice in a new bed purchase, the biggest is probably the difference that comes from going from your old mattress to one that provides ample comfort and relief. Hint: The latter is much, much better for you and your health.

You can find this pressure relief in a number of ways, but I’d say the easiest is to go with a mattress that features a durable base (of either pocketed coils or high-density poly foam) complimented by thick layers of contouring foam.


Purple-Mattress-Corner-View-400x267 Best Mattress 2019
Purple mattress

If you’re fairly certain that your sleeping issues stem from a lack of pressure relief, I’d suggest checking out the Purple mattress. The bed’s unique hyper-elastic polymer grid provides excellent comfort and relief to the lower back and shoulders as its walls collapse to fill in the spaces at these regions.

While this may not sound any different from the pressure relief you’d get from memory foam or latex, I’d argue that this grid stands a head above the rest because of how supportive it is; basically, you get to sink in without feeling stuck in the structure. This will spell good news for a wide variety of sleepers who want to feel as though they’re sleeping on top of their bed as opposed to in it.

For more, read my full Purple mattress review.


Leesa-Mattress-Hand-Press-400x267 Best Mattress 2019
Pressing into the Leesa mattress

The Leesa is a standout in this category for me because of how good it is at providing uniform pressure relief across the body regardless of one’s sleeping position.

While most all-foam beds are pretty good at supplying relief to side and back sleepers, the Leesa is also able to satisfy stomach sleepers because of its top layer of Avena foam. This material is soft yet responds quickly to pressure, lifting the sleeper up and positioning them on top of the bed. This provides relief to the chest and hips, crucial problem areas for those who doze primarily on their stomachs.

Get all of the specs in my full review of the Leesa.

GhostBed Luxe

GhostBed-Luxe-Cover-400x225 Best Mattress 2019
Ghostbed Luxe mattress

If you’re after both pressure relief and temperature regulation, I’d recommend checking out the GhostBed Luxe. Not only does this all-foam mattress provide targeted relief to sensitive areas, but it’s also outfitted with a lot of really innovative cooling tech.

On the pressure relief front, the use of memory foam and the brand’s proprietary Bounce Foam creates a stellar balance of sinkage and support. This means there’s both contouring to alleviate tension at the shoulders and lower back as well as plenty of lift to keep the spine in healthy alignment.

Discover more in my full review here.

Best Mattresses for Back Pain

Do you ever wake up in the morning with a dull, throbbing pain in your lumbar region? Do you toss and turn in the night seeking out that magical position that might ease the discomfort along your spine? If so, you might just suffer from chronic back pain and could perhaps use a mattress upgrade to help with that back pain.

I should note that back pain can result from numerous lifestyle, genetic, and physical factors, so I like to think of changing your mattress as just one of several steps that could be taken to address the issue. If you’re suffering from back pain, it’s best to consult with a medical professional to develop a plan that’ll address the underlying causes and symptoms. Remember, nothing on this page should be taken as medical advice.

That being said, a general rule of thumb is that you’ll want a supportive bed (note that firmness does NOT always equal support) with a soothing foam top layer to fill in the space at your lumbar area. You’ll also want something that keeps your shoulders in a nice alignment with your hips and is, of course, comfortable.


Layla-Mattress-Cover-400x224 Best Mattress 2019
Layla Mattress

The Layla is an all-foam mattress unique in that it’s double-sided, so it can be oriented to feature a firm or soft feel depending on a sleeper’s preferences. I should note that while you might think this flippability would result in totally dramatic firmness differences, when my testers tried out the bed in both iterations, they gave the firmer side an average rating of 6.5/10 and the softer side a 5.5/10.

Back and stomach sleepers will probably prefer the firmer support to keep the hips up to avoid back pain, while side sleepers will like the feel of a thick layer of memory on the softer side for spine alignment.

To learn more, check out my full review of the Layla.


BearMattressFront-400x300 Best Mattress 2019
Bear mattress

For those athletic sleepers in the bunch who suffer back pain from long days spent in the gym or out on the field, the Bear mattress could be the perfect bed for you. Designed with performance in mind, the Bear is outfitted with graphite-infused memory foam for temperature regulation and comfort as well as a Celliant-blend cover, which some studies suggest can help with recovery.

The bed also sleeps firm, with my testers giving it an average firmness rating of 7, which you can compare to the industry standard of 6.5 for medium firmness. This is a great level for most back sleepers, as it translates to solid support across the body.

Read my full thoughts on the Bear mattress.


Casper-2018-Construction-400x226 Best Mattress 2019
Showing the layers, with Zoned Support, of the Casper

A recent trend in mattress design is to include zoned support in the layers of the bed. What this means is that one or two sections within a mattress will be comprised of not just a single type of foam (say, memory foam) but a combination of materials of different firmnesses. Essentially, the goal is to target different parts of the body in different ways to achieve the ultimate in comfort.

In my opinion, one of the best examples of zoned support out there can be found in the Casper. The all-foam bed includes a transition layer built with two different types of poly foam: a softer one at the ends of the bed and a firmer one in the center. This placement provides pressure relief to the neck and feet while also bringing solid support to the lumbar region, a fantastic combination for anyone dealing with back pain.

Think you’d dig the Casper? Check out my full review here.

Best Innerspring

As far as mattresses are concerned, there’s perhaps nothing more classic than an old-fashioned innerspring. These lively beds reigned supreme long before the advent of all-foam models, and though they’ve definitely waned in popularity over the years, there are still a number of solid designs out there in the world.

But what makes a great innerspring bed? In my opinion, a quality innerspring has to sleep cool and have excellent bounce as well as enough support to prevent you from ever feeling stuck in the structure.


WinkbedsMattressFront-1-400x305 Best Mattress 2019
WinkBeds mattress

Though innersprings are typically better for back and stomach sleepers, those who doze primarily on their sides can still find a lot to enjoy in one of these mattresses, as long as they incorporate a foam comfort layer for pressure relief.

One such bed that does this well is the WinkBeds mattress. Straightaway, the sleeper will encounter two inches of super-soft gel memory foam, which provides immediate comfort and contouring to the shoulders and hips. Directly below this layer, you’ll find a coil-on-coil design that evokes the buoyant support of traditional innersprings.

To learn more about the WinkBeds model, check out my WinkBeds review.


If you suffer from back pain, you’ll want a mattress that’s going to fill in space at your lumbar region with some targeted pressure relief. There aren’t too many innersprings that can do this, but thankfully, the Saatva’s got your back (see what I did there?).

saatva matteres

Not only does the coil-on-coil design create a bouncy mattress that keeps the sleeper on top of the structure, but the bed also features a zoned lumbar area specifically designed to alleviate back pain. This greatly reduces the amount of pressure that’s going to form and creates amazing comfort.

Think you might like the Saatva? Check out my full review of the Saatva matttress.


Best Hybrid

While some sleepers have specific feels they want from their mattresses (e.g., luxurious foam or springy coils), an even larger majority of us prefer a combo platter of sorts when it comes to our beds. We like memory foam but don’t need five inches of the stuff to feel comfortable. We want sinkage, but not too much, and a dollop of contouring, but only if it’s counteracted by the bouncy support of pocketed coils.

If any of this sounds familiar, you might be in the market for a hybrid mattress. These beds ditch the “all-X” constructions of other models in favor of ones that combine materials for a sleeping experience that truly does it all.


DreamCloud-Front-View-400x225 Best Mattress 2019The great thing about hybrid mattresses is their ability to combine the pressure relief of foam with the aligning support of springs and the DreamCloud does just that. The soft foam on top is great for comfort and the latex layers really help dissipate body heat to help sleep a bit cooler.

The DreamCloud’s pocketed coil system gives the mattress a solid feeling akin to a traditional innerspring mattress. The combination of latex layers and bounce from the coil system cause the sleeper to feel more on top of the mattress, allowing them to change positions without feeling stuck in the layers.

If you’re interested in learning more about the DreamCloud you can read my full review here!

Nest Bedding Alexander Hybrid

Nest-Alexander-Signature-Hybrid-Hand-Press-400x225 Best Mattress 2019
Pressing into the Alexander Signature Hybrid mattress from Nest Bedding

With their ultra-supportive pocketed coil systems, many hybrids are great for sleepers who suffer from chronic pain. However, I’d say that my favorite in the bunch would have to be the Nest Bedding Alexander Hybrid, which combines this support with a super-soft foam-quilted cover for pressure relief.

This means that as soon as you lie on the bed, you’re going to experience immediate comfort as you sink through the cover and into the gel-infused memory foam directly below it. The materials are designed to fill in space at your lumbar region and alleviate the formation of pressure points across your body.

Sound like the solution you’ve been waiting for? Read more on Nest Bedding.

Brooklyn Bedding Signature

BrooklynBeddingMattressCover-400x236 Best Mattress 2019
Brooklyn Bedding Mattress Cover

And last but certainly not least, no hybrid category would be complete without a nod to the Brooklyn Bedding Signature. This hybrid mattress is a revamped version of the brand’s flagship mattress and combines lush foam with pocketed coils for an impressive sleeping experience.

Here, the relief component comes from four inches of the brand’s proprietary TitanFlex foam, a soft material that also responds quickly to pressure. This bounce is doubled once you add in the bed’s pocketed coil system, which imbues the mattress with some excellent lift. The resulting structure allows you to sink in for lovely comfort while also keeping you positioned on top of the mattress, a win-win in my book.

If the Brooklyn Bedding Signature sounds right for you, check out my full review here.

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Best Memory Foam

What would the best mattress guide be without a section devoted to memory foam? Nearly every bed-in-a-box retailer uses the material in some fashion, either quilted into a cover or as the main comfort layer of one of its mattresses.

As a bed material, memory foam is best known for its deep contouring and linkage. At their best, these properties can provide the sleeper with tremendous pressure relief and comfort. However, the foam can also overheat and produce too intense of a “hug” that’ll leave you feeling stuck in the mattress. The key, then, is balance and finding a bed that knows how to do memory foam right.


Nectar-Front-400x300 Best Mattress 2019
Queen size Nectar mattress

Featuring several layers of memory foam (including an inch quilted into the cover), the Nectar mattress is an ideal fit for anyone looking for a bed that truly embodies the classic material. What this translates to is a ton of linkage and body contouring for some super satisfying pressure relief.

And while memory foam has a bit of a reputation for overheating, Nectar employs a gel infusion in its foam layers to ensure that things stay cool while you sleep. Add to this a relatively low motion transfer and you’ve got yourself a bed that’s as cozy for one as it is for two.

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